Tonsil Stones occur very commonly in people, it is more common than is thought or predicted, nay even reported since many a times the growth goes unchecked and unknown to many people. It has several reasons because of which it should be kept in mind, complained about and cured as much as possible.

 What is it called?

Tonsillolith is a type of growth in the area of the throat and mouth where the tonsils – a small part of the body are located. The tonsils are coated with a substance and this may make the overall mass anything between zero point three grams to forty two grams overall. Such a growth is not necessarily a cause of consternation and may or may not bring

  • any amount of pain,
  • trouble in swallowing,
  • choking sensations,
  • bad breath in the mouth and
  • it’s most patent sign – pain while swallowing.

The Connection Between Tonsillolith and Bad Breath

Bad breath and Tonsillolith have a very strong correlation and they have a stark bonding when one of them occurs. An astounding 75% of cases of bad breath always have a growth of tonsil stones Treatment for Coughing too. This means that tonsil stones are the number one contenders for being the bad breath providers in humans. They not only release bad breath but also aggravate the situation by creating pain in the mouth and creating trouble or constrictions in the flow of liquids, solids and air in the throat.

Some stark symptoms that are a direct precursor to the disease of tonsil stones or Tonsillolith are:

  • A strange metallic taste in the mouth that is ever present and is to be found especially in the daytime but also in the night time
  • Throat Closing or tightening – This kind of constriction in the mouth passageway has been there as a strong symptom for Tonsillolith for a long time. The closing and opening of the passageway becoming a problem for most people when they encounter this growth is a common problem faced by many and most.
  • Coughing fits may begin occurring in the patient due to the above mentioned reasons and thus the person may need to get involved in some type medicinal administration by a nurse or paramedic to avoid the coughing fit form taking the best of him
  • Choking is one of the most common and most important reasons why people visit the doctor for treatment and seek medical attention for the disease. Since in such a condition it becomes impossible to do otherwise.

With these reasons the tonsil stones form, which are basically nothing more than calcifications forming on the tonsil crypts and creating a painful blockage in the passageway for air, food and water to pass.

Most people seek medical attention only when things take a strong turn for the worse and instead of visiting the doctor when the initial symptoms present themselves, he or she prevaricates and presents a lackadaisical attitude towards himself and his health. This however, should not be done, and the calcification should be immediately treated to avoid any further bacterial or viral infection from complicating the case.