Hey, all welcome to our website. Today I am back with an interesting article about facetime which is a very useful tool for every platform in the market like Android, Windows, and iOS. So, we strongly recommend you to download and enjoy all the features of the app.

FaceTime was not the 1st video calling application but it is very that everyone will use this application. With FaceTime’s fame, Android users may get shocked if the app facetime apple is available for Android platform to host their own video and audio chats.

Facetime App there are many Android compatible apps which are available in store:

Sorry, Guys but Answer remains no: Unfortunately, Facetime is not available for Android users. The app was not designed for Android Fans but we will suggest the best trick to install the app from the right source.
So, possibly, there is no way to use Facetime on the Android platform which will be very sad. There are many apps which will function Sam as the Facetime there are many Android compatible apps which are available in store.

The first alternative of facetime is the best app which will have many features and compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS also. So, you need not worry about the apps. Earlier versions of Skype were not really satisfying the Android fans. It is a free tool with a free sign in and free accounts. Previously Skype used to charge a subscription fee for Group chats. Now it is free and it is included in the basic version. It is available on the desktop and mobile platforms.


Viber begins to function as messaging and audio call, but instantly they decided to include a unique feature to survive and compete in the crowded market. First, they decide to replicate voice chat like Skype, and then in the year 2014 included video chat function. However they new to the market, Viber stood as a brand in the market to current platforms like FaceTime and Skype.


One of the latest trending and best start up in the market who are existing in the current market, which has instantly included a unique user base across many platforms. The service was released for Windows PCs in the year 2007 and also launched an app in the year 2011, first for iOS platform and then for Android. In the year 2013, the firm made their SDK public, enabling developers to include ooVoo-powered video chatting facility to their own applications. This was a good step towards, growing their user base and introducing the technology to the public.


Tango might be the full-time replacement for facetime or any other app available today in the market. Android is its primary platform. There are millions of downloads and more than 200 million users. You only need a wifi connection to connect with anyone in the world who can chat with without a cellular network. So, Tango may replace your taste of choosing the face time app which is only available to the iOS users.

Google Hangouts
As you all know that Google Hangouts will be the best alternative or to replace the facetime app. It is the real-time app you can call and text at a time functionality which is not available on any of the above-mentioned apps. So, we suggest you install and use Hangouts.


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