China will always be first in developing technology based innovative products and launch them into the market so that people can utilize them in the best way. Now, China has focused on the security of people and developed an Automated Teller Machine [ATM] with facial recognition technology @ The Chinese Researchers have successfully developed first Automated Teller Machine [ATM] with a unique facial recognition technology. The Researchers at China have developed this machine by introducing this new facial recognition technology so as to reduce the menace of theft or crimes at ATM centers. To abate such kind of delinquent practices, and increase the safety of people, Chinese developers had introduced this beneficial Automated Teller Machine and How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

China develops first ATM using Face Recognition Technology

Developers of First Face Recognition ATM

The developers of this unique machine include Tsinghua University, Tzekwan Technology and a Hangzhou firm in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province that safeguards the financial transactions of people at China.
Gu Zikun who is the Chairman and an anti-counterfeit technology expert at Tzekwan has a great confidence that this technology will impede the ATM-related crimes. As per the latest reports, Currently, China is mostly dependent on the imported ATM technologies that lead them to develop such an innovative machine. Other than the utilization of imported technologies, the entire credit goes to Chinese researchers for embedding unique functionalities into that machine.

ATM – Unique Facial Recognition Technology

This is first ATM that was developed using a face recognition technology. The Chinese researchers have developed this machine using virtuous functionalities.

Handling High- Speed Banknote
Enhanced Counterfeit-Bill Recognition
Facial Recognition without the need of pin number
Allows Exchange of currency
The machine works by capturing an image of the user’s face and compares it with the photo on their identification cards.
Face Recognition Technology based Chinese ATM

The Chairman at Tzekwan said that, this latest product got approved by the Certification Authorities and soon they will penetrate into the Chinese market so that people can best utilize the best transaction services with much safety. Still it is not yet confirmed that who will design or manufacture the ATMs and the process of accumulating the facial data. This news will be unveiled after launch of china’s “Made in China” campaign that aims to promote domestic innovation.The main intention of Chinese campaign is in the succeeding 10 years, there must be an evolution in the transition of mainland from a manufacturing hub for low-end goods to high-quality products within the next 10 years.

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Earlier, some safety oriented technologies were introduced by countries like Chile and Colombia. They have sprung up into the market with built-in fingerprint authentication in the cash machines. In spite of launching these new biometrics ATMs, they were not completely utilized by the people of some countries like United States as they are very much expensive and some other privacy related issues.

Security Features of ATM (Expected)

The latest ATM’s are anticipated to associate with all the local banks within the country and public security networks. This machine provides an assurance that even in a vilest situation when someone else knows the password; it assures that only cardholders withdraw money. But the antagonists to this new technology have taken their concerns about privacy and accuracy online.

Some queries have been raised regarding the viability of the systems. One user asked a query like “What happens if someone had plastic surgery to look like someone else?” Other one asked, “How much will it take to turn my face into Jack Ma’s, (the founder of Alibaba)?”

However, the ultimate goal of the company is to provide safety for the people by this new technology. Let’s all hope for the best that these machines serve its users with much ease and security.