Chromecast Apps: Google streamlines your online life, from email and online stockpiling to news and digital maps. Be that as it may, it can likewise assume control over your TV with its Chromecast, a gushing dongle that got a brilliant makeover in 2015 and a 4K “Ultra” update a year ago.

5 Best Things You Can Do With Google Chromecast Apps

The Google Chromecast enables you to stream video content from the Internet to any HDTV that has a standard HDMI port – basically transforming your current TV into a “the shrewd television.” Right now there aren’t a considerable measure of administrations past those possessed by Google and Netflix. However, there’s sufficient to get some quality use out of the modest gadget.

Play Music:

Android proprietors are as of now comfortable with the Play Music application. Since Google makes the Chromecast, it just bodes well that Play Music bolsters it too. With Google Play Music, you can also stream music from your gadget straight to Chromecast, utilizing your TV as a speaker. You’re existing playlists and music accumulation, regardless of whether on your device or in the cloud, will all play pleasantly. Just tap on the Chromecast catch in the Play Music application and select the single Chromecast you need to stream to.

VR Mirror

Watching somebody encounter virtual the truth is amusing…for a couple of minutes. When you can likewise observe what the individual wearing the goggles sees, however, it’s better for everybody. With Google’s $79 Daydream View headset and a Chromecast, you can send what’s on the headset to a TV.Simply ensure the telephone you have in the Daydream and the Chromecast are on a similar Wi-Fi arrange and that you have the Google Home application (Android, iOS) introduced. Open Google Home, select Cast, and afterward pick the Chromecast gadget to which you need to send the VR pictures. Put the telephone into the headset, and everybody can perceive what you’re doing, for all intents and purposes.

Google Play Movies

Similarly, as with Play Music, you most likely think about Play Movies on your Android contraption. Buying or leasing content from Google using the Play Store is unbelievably straightforward, and up until the Chromecast’s discharge, the main alternative was to watch it on your Android gadget or your PC. Presently you can stream content specifically from Play Movies and TV Shows to your TV through Chromecast. Once more, just tap on the Chromecast catch in the Play Movies application and send the substance to your TV.


YouTube (which is possessed by Google), has practically everything without exception you could need to watch. Regardless of whether it’s a clasp from a current TV scene, the most recent home-video-turned into a web sensation, or only a feline stuck in a crate, you’re probably going to discover it on YouTube. Utilizing the YouTube application on iOS or Android, you’re ready to stream recordings to your Chromecast. You can do it without much of a stretch make a playlist using your Google account, either on the site or the application (tap on the “+” sign when seeing a video’s depiction) and stream everything to Chromecast.


If you utilize Google Slides, you can demonstrate your introduction with Chromecast since Google Cast is incorporated with Chrome. Tap the “Present” alternative on the upper right of your presentation, select “Present on another screen,” and pick your Chromecast gadget.